The 1980's were a time of great expansion and growth. Government deregulation of financial institutions in the 1980's made credit unions more competitive with other financial institutions, leading to a general spurt in credit union growth. The 1980's saw an increase in Credit Union services with the introduction of new types of certificates of deposit, higher-rate money market savings accounts, and a wider array of personal, mortgage, business and construction loans. SUAFCU also introduced Visa credit cards and interbank transaction processing, such as wire transfers.

Throughout its history, SUAFCU has maintained a close and mutually beneficial relationship with its Ukrainian religious communities.SUAFCU established branches at Chicagoland's outlying Ukrainian Churches. Members used these branches as a source of information, a place to open accounts, make deposits, make loan payments and make withdrawals. Credit Union staff served as liaisons to the parishes. St.Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Parish was the first branch to be fully computerized with real time, on-line operations. By 1990 the branch at St. Joseph had become a full service branch. This branch won "boasting rights" to being the first branch with a drive-up teller window.

In 1988 SUAFCU reached several milestones: assets topped the One Hundred Million Dollars mark, capital reached Ten Million Dollars and membership surpassed Thirteen Thousand.