VISAŽ Credit Card

SUAFCU offers one of the best VISAŽ programs in the financial industry. Members can select one of five VISAŽ Credit Cards, with many beneficial features.

Our VISAŽ features:

  • low fixed interest rate:
    • VISAŽ Classic - 14.90%
    • VISAŽ Classic Secured - 14.90%
    • VISAŽ Platinum - 9.90%
    • VISAŽ Platinum with Points - 11.90%
    • VISAŽ Platinum with Cash Back - 11.90%
  • 25-day grace period - no interest if you pay off purchases within 25 days

To report a lost or stolen Credit Card call VISAŽ at 1.800.322.8472 or call SUAFCU at 773.328.7500 ext. 296

Which card is right for you?

Members with no credit history can apply for a VISAŽ Classic, and start building their credit record. The credit limit can be as low as $500.00.

VISAŽ Classic is the Credit Card normally issued for members who are opening their first VISAŽ Credit account at SUAFCU.

VISAŽ Platinum features the lowest interest rate on the standard card.

Also available is the VISAŽ Platinum, which allows members to earn Points towards various products.

VISAŽ Platinum is also available with a Cash Back feature for members in good standing with SUAFCU, an excellent credit history, and with a higher credit limit.

Track your Credit Card use on-line

With DirectConnectsm members can view current account information such as their account balance, available credit, available cash, credit limit, and cash advance limit. They can also make payments on line, print statements and more.

How is the interest charge computed?

Interest charges for purchases and cash advances on VisaŽ Credit Cards are computed using the Average Daily Balance method (including new purchases). Interest is charged on a Cash Advance from the day it is processed, until the balance is paid in full, even on accounts where the balance is regularly paid off monthly.

Credit Card Fees

Annual Fee   $25.00 - Classic
NONE - Platinum
Minimun Finance Charge   $0.50
Transaction Fee   NONE
Cash Advance Fee   NONE
Balance Transfer Fee   NONE
Late Payment Fee   $25.00
Return Check Fee   $25.00
Card Recovery Fee   $65.00
Emergency Replacement Card Fee   $150.00
Documentation Fee   $25.00/hour