ATMs - 2 Ways to Save w/Selfreliance Debit Card


Offer valid as of March 1 2018 and may be terminated without notice. ATM surcharge fees for qualifying calendar months will be reimbursed for members who maintain a daily balance of at least $1500 for the entire calendar month on the checking account associated with the debit card for which surcharges are to be reimbursed. Reimbursement limit of $100 per month applies. Only surcharges from ATMs in the United States qualify for reimbursement. Reimbursements posted to your enrolled account the first week of each month following a qualifying calendar month. Allowing your balance to fall below $1500 on any day of the calendar month will disqualify that month from this offer. *Withdrawals from AllpointSM or Star sf® or Co-op® networks are surcharge free regardless of balance. Please see our Truth in Savings brochure and fee schedules for other requirements regarding accounts. For current or new members only! Full disclosure for this product is available at

For further information call toll-free #888.222.8571