62nd Annual Meeting!

62nd Annual Meeting Selfreliance Ukrainian American FCU
Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 2:00 P.M. (central time) at the Home Office
with simulcast at UACC-NJ in Whippany
60 N. Jefferson Rd., Whippany, NJ at 3:00 P.M. (eastern time).
Registration begins one hour prior to start of meeting.
Refreshments will be served.

The Nominating Committee has placed the following individuals in nomination to serve as directors of Selfreliance UAFCU:
  Bohdan Watral
President/Chief Executive Officer of SUAFCU. Board member since 1980.
Wife: Petrusia, three children.
Former agent of Internal Revenue Service. Former member Governor’s Board of Credit Union Advisors for Illinois. Ukrainian community leader. Board member, Ukrainian National Association of Savings and Credit Unions in Ukraine, 1994-96. Board Member, Ukrainian National Credit Union Association (US). Member Chicago-Kyiv Sister Cities Committee.
Honors: Ukrainian Presidential Medal of Service 1997. Honored three times as “Executive of the Year” by Illinois Council of Credit Union Executives Society. Letters of commendation from President Clinton, Illinois Governors Thompson and Edgar & Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley.
• Provided extraordinary leadership for Selfreliance UAFCU for over three decades.
• Instrumental in maintaining the financial stability of Selfreliance UAFCU.
• Actively promotes Selfreliance UAFCU and credit unions in general as effective financial service providers.

  John Oharenko
SUÀFCU Credit Committee member 1981-98, Board member since 1998. Commercial Financial Officer.
Wife: Natalia; two children.
Senior Vice-President of Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC.. Master of Science in Business, University of Wisconsin.
20 years experience in real estate investment banking, including commercial property sales, joint ventures, and arranging mortgages.
Active member of Ukrainian community, parish and youth organizations. Lifelong resident of “Ukrainian Village”.
• Income property lending professional since 1980, analyst for largest and most respected companies, including Berkadia and GMAC.
• Commercial lending expertise: apartment buildings, retail complexes and other commercial properties.
• Professional lending expertise was critical asset in Board’s determination of lending policy, avoiding numerous high risk loans.
• Years on Credit Committee provide extensive knowledge of dynamics of credit union’s lending policy. Expertise on credit committee
was a significant factor in the credit union’s avoiding unwise decisions in mortgage lending.

  Roman Yatskovskyy
Former SUAFCU Credit Committee member, Board member since 2005, Member, Selfreliance Assn Humanitarian Aid Committee.
Wife Natalia, one daughter.
Engineer. Founder of Pegas Windows, Inc. Former Former general manager of Stryi Energy Board Representative to the Stryi Regional Committee of Ukraine - two sessions.
Member of UCCA in Chicago. Member of the Board of Directors of “Orange Wave” organization.
• Instrumental in creation of Information Center at SUAFCU
• Recommended founding of Humanitarian Aid Committee of Selfreliance Association.
• Represents interests of 4th Wave Immingrants on SUAFCU BOD. Active in Ukrainian community in Chicago,
• Understanding of new Ukrainian immigrants contributes to the success of BOD and its committees in their deliberations.
• Up-to-date information on events in Ukraine.

Election will not be conducted by ballot and no nominations will be accepted from the floor when the number of nominees equals the number of positions to be filled. In order to be nominated as a director to the Board of Selfreliance, a member must submit:
1. a signed certificate, stating that s/he agrees to the nomination and that s/he will serve if elected;
2. a brief statement of qualifications and a biographical sketch; and
3. a petition with original (not copies) verifiable dated signatures of no fewer than 223 members collected between 3/04 and 4/8
of 2013 to the Board Secretary at the offices of Selfreliance UAFCU, 2332 W. Chicago Ave., no later than April 8, 2013.