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Super Savers Club

Super Savers Club

Rewards Program for children under 18 and schools

Our program appeals to both parents & children

  • Open a high yield Coverdell Education Savings* account, or a children’s custodian savings account, or an adult/minor joint account
  • Save for your child’s education
  • Teach your child financial literacy as a step toward developing a saving habit, which is so important in building a secure future

How to open an account

  • Any adult can open an account for a child at any Selfreliance FCU branch
  • You will need to provide: Address and Social Security Number of the beneficiary (for whom the account is being established), Address and Social Security Number of the Depositor (person establishing the account).

If your child is a student at a participating school, please inform the Member Services Representative opening the account to add the school ID

If your child already has an account at Selfreliance FCU, talk to a Member Services Representative so they can register your child as a Super Savers Club member

Children from any school can become members of Super Savers Club

Fun surprises !!!

  • Every year, at the conclusion of the Christmas holidays (after January 19), winners from Super Savers accounts are chosen**
  • Your child could win a gift card from Selfreliance FCU
  • All Super Saver Club members can participate in the drawing, if they have an active account, with at least one deposit on the account between September 1st and January 19

Benefits for Schools

All schools that participate in the Super Savers Club program receive financial benefits from Selfreliance FCU at the end of the school year.

How it works

  • The higher the number of students in the school that are members of the Super Savers Club, the greater the reward amount earned by the school.
  • Better financing improves the educational level of the school.
  • Schools with higher educational levels attract more students.

Open an account Education Savings account

Not a member? Join Now

*For additional information regarding Selfreliance IRA and CESA accounts, please read our Truth in Savings Disclosure. Ask your tax advisor about the amount that you can contribute to your IRA or Coverdell ESA. Stop into any Selfreliance office or call our toll free number, 888-222-8571 for more information on how you can benefit from a Selfreliance IRA or CESA!

**An IRS 1099 may be issued to winners of prizes valued at $10 or more. For additional information please contact your principal, or visit any Selfreliance office.

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