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VISA® Debit Card

Use our DEBIT cards worldwide.

It's Convenient

  • Your Selfreliance FCU Debit Card is your ATM card - and a whole lot more. Use it to pay for purchases at internet retailers, your local department store, mail order catalogs, restaurants, or gas stations - everywhere VISA® is accepted.
  • Accepted worldwide at millions of merchants displaying the VISA® logo
  • Add your card to a Digital Wallet for even more convenience

It's Fast

  • Avoid the hassles of writing a check
  • There's no waiting for change

It's Easy

  • Simply present the card and sign the receipt
  • The amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from your Checking Account
  • You get a receipt for your records, and each transaction will be detailed on your monthly Checking Account statement

It's Safe

  • Carrying your card is safer than carrying cash
  • Your purchase has VISA®'s unmatched protection
  • Track your purchases and cash withdrawals on-line through Digital Banking.

Contact us to report a lost or stolen VISA® Debit Card.

Start enjoying the many benefits that come with your Selfreliance FCU VISA® Debit Card.

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There's really no better way to keep in touch with your money.

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