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The Selfreliance Foundation

The Selfreliance Foundation was established in 2005 to separate the financial services provided to members of Selfreliance Federal Credit Union (SFCU) from the Credit Union’s contributions to the community it serves. The Selfreliance Foundation is funded from the Credit Union’s profits, which are generated by its members as they take advantage of its financial services.

Over the years that Selfreliance Foundation has been actively supporting community organizations, the Foundation is proud to have distributed over $6,650,000 in donations to churches, community and cultural organizations, museums, schools, youth organizations, primarily in the states where its offices are located. The donations have enabled these institutions and our Ukrainian Diaspora communities to flourish. Assets of the Selfreliance Foundation have grown to nearly $15 million.

The Selfreliance Foundation board meets regularly to review written requests for donations. To streamline the application process, the Selfreliance Foundation has instituted donation application guidelines, including an online application. These guidelines ensure that donation decisions are equitable and consistent with the mission statement of Selfreliance FCU, which is to create a caring environment for its members and to preserve and maintain the viability of our Ukrainian Diaspora communities. Financial resources are used in a way that best serves Selfreliance FCU membership.



To apply for Selfreliance Foundation support, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The donation request must come from an organization that has tax exempt 501(c)3 status;
  2. The organization should serve the Ukrainian Diaspora community in the areas where Selfreliance FCU has branches;
  3. The project or public/community event should fulfill a relevant need of the Ukrainian Diaspora community and must benefit the Ukrainian-American community at large;
  4. For donation requests in excess of $5,000, a detailed budget of projected expenses and revenues associated with the project or public/community event must be included.
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