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Contactless. Effortless. Safe.


Digital wallet technology makes both in-store and online checkouts faster, easier, more secure and safer, as it helps you avoid touching buttons or exchanging cash. Keep all your debit, credit, membership and gift cards in one place in your device and never worry about forgetting your wallet again. Everything you need is already in the palm of your hand.

Step 1. Add your Selfreliance Visa® Card

Adding your Selfreliance FCU Visa® debit or credit card to digital wallets is simple. To enroll in most digital wallets, you can just snap a picture of your card and type in a few more details. Your future checkouts will be faster and safer. Click through the videos to see how to add your card to the wallet that’s on your phone.

Step 2. Make it Your Default Card

The first card you add to Wallet will be your default method of payment when using Apple Pay. Updating your default method of payment to your Selfreliance FCU Visa® debit or credit card is easy to do:

Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Default Card > Select Selfreliance FCU card

Step 3. Tap and Pay

Look for any of the contactless symbols at your merchant, open your digital wallet and bring it close to the terminal. For online or in-app shopping, pay with just a press of one button.

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