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Fees and Charges

Member Service Fees

Fees and Charges effective as of 5/22/2018

Service Fee
Check deposited, returned unpaid $25.00
NSF SUAFCU draft (check), ACH, or debit card transaction paid or returned $30.00
Daily overdraft fee beginning on the 8th consecutive day account is overdrawn $5.00/day
Auto overdraft transfer $5.00
Stop payment on checks:
in-person request

Check copies:
in-person request

Collection fee (SUAFCU Drafts) $30.00
Outside collection item (US check) $30.00
Stop payment on Official check $25.00
Copy of Money Order, Official check, or Outside check $5.00
Official check, Money Order $2.00
Check Certification $10.00
Stale Official check & Money Order processing fee $25.00
Excessive withdrawals in non-transactional account (per item) $25.00
Non-member Check Cashing fee $5.00/item
Account activity printout/monthly statement:
in Person request

Substitute 1099 or 1098 IRS reporting forms:
in Person request

Inactive Accounts (18months) $5.00/month
Transfer IRA Funds to another institution $30.00
Account closed within 90 days of opening $20.00
Replacement of lost passbook $10.00
Verification of Accounts $10.00
Incorrect address fee $2.00/month
Account research (per hr.) $25.00
Cash Deposit Processing fee in excess of $25,000/month $1.00/per $1,000.00
Currency Request over $20,000.00 1.00%
Business Bulk coin count (over $25) 3%
Letter of Credit $200.00
Letter of Credit renewal $200.00
Levies, Subpoenas $75.00
VISA foreign transaction fee:
of each single currency transaction in US$
of each multiple currency transaction in US$

Cashing checks drawn on foreign bank $30.00/check
Cashing Canadian checks in US$ or Canadian Dollars $15.00/check

Wire Transfer Fees

Type of Transfer Fee
Domestic $30.00
International $40.00
International in Foreign Currency $40.00
Incoming $15.00

Special Services

Type of Service
Account Balance Inquiries Free
Utility payments for members Free
Notary Public/Signature Guarantee Free
First 50 checks for new checking account Free
ACH Origination, Cancellation, Update Free
Loan, mortgage and VISA fees available upon request

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Size Fee
3x5x25 $20.00/yr
5x5x25 $25.00/yr
3x10x25 $30.00/yr
5x10x25 $40.00/yr
10x10x25 $55.00/yr
Key Deposit $50.00
Drilling Charge $100.00

Online Account Access

DirectConnectsm*, DirectPaysm and DirectVisasm at
Account inquiry/transfers, view canceled share drafts, spreadsheet compatible account download
*-Enrollment required
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