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Schedule of Fees and Charges

Member Service Fees

Fees and Charges effective as of 4/13/2021

Service Fee
Check deposited, returned unpaid $25.00
NSF Selfreliance FCU check, ACH, or debit card transaction paid or returned $30.00
Daily overdraft fee beginning on the 8th consecutive day account is overdrawn $5.00/day
Auto overdraft transfer $5.00
Stop payment on checks:
in-person request
Digital Banking

Check copies:
in-person request
Digital Banking

Collection fee (Selfreliance FCU Checks) $30.00
Outside collection item (US check) $30.00
Stop payment on Official check $25.00
Copy of Money Order, Official check, or Outside check $5.00
Official check, Money Order $2.00
Check Certification $10.00
Stale Official check & Money Order processing fee $25.00
Excessive withdrawals in non-transactional account (per item) $25.00
Non-member Check Cashing fee $5.00/item
Account activity printout/monthly statement:
in Person request
Digital Banking

Substitute 1099 or 1098 IRS reporting forms:
in Person request
Digital Banking

Inactive Accounts (18months) $5.00/month
Transfer IRA Funds to another institution $30.00
Account closed within 90 days of opening $20.00
Verification of Accounts $10.00
Incorrect address fee $2.00/month
Account research (per hr.) $25.00
Cash Deposit Processing fee in excess of $25,000/month $1.00/per $1,000.00
Currency Request over $20,000.00 1.00%
Business Bulk coin count (over $25) 3%
Letter of Credit $200.00
Letter of Credit renewal $200.00
Levies, Subpoenas $75.00
VISA® Debit foreign transaction fee:
of each single currency transaction in US$
of each multiple currency transaction in US$

Cashing checks drawn on foreign bank $30.00/check
Cashing Canadian checks in US$ or Canadian Dollars $15.00/check

Wire Transfer Fees

Type of Transfer Fee
Domestic $30.00
International $40.00
International in Foreign Currency $40.00
Incoming $15.00

Special Services

Type of Service
Account Balance Inquiries Free
Utility payments for members Free
Notary Public/Signature Guarantee Free
First 80 checks for new checking account Free
ACH Origination, Cancellation, Update Free
Loan, mortgage and VISA® fees available upon request

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Available at Chicago Ave., Chicago and Ryan Rd., Warren offices
Size Fee
3x5x25 $20.00/yr
5x5x25 $25.00/yr
3x10x25 $30.00/yr
5x10x25 $40.00/yr
10x10x25 $55.00/yr
Key Deposit $50.00
Drilling Charge $150.00

Online Account Access

Digital Banking at
Account inquiry/transfers, view canceled checks, spreadsheet compatible account download
*-Enrollment required
Mobile Banking* available through Google Play Store or Apple App Store
Account inquiry/transfers, view canceled checks, **remote deposit capture/mobile deposit.
*-Enrollment required
**-Account must be open at least 180 days, valid email and checking account required. Account must be in good standing with the credit union.
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