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Life is all about balance!

Save money with balance transfer

Balance Transfer Details

How do I transfer my balance?

  1. To transfer your credit card balance from another financial institution, you need to have a Selfreliance FCU VISA® credit card. Choose the card that's right for you, and transfer your balance after you have activated your new card. Explore Credit Cards
  2. If you already have a Selfreliance FCU Visa® credit card, simply fill out this form. Begin Balance Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from transferring my balance?

Savvy members typically use balance transfers when they want to move the amount they owe on one credit card to a credit card with a significantly lower APR.
Here are the benefits:

  • Save money on interest. Moving a higher rate credit card debt to a lower rate credit card can save you hundreds of dollars in interest costs in the long run.
  • Pay off the balance sooner. By taking advantage of the low rate offers, you can put more more money toward paying off your debt, rather than the interest.
  • Take control. Consolidating your debt makes it easy to manage your payments, as one payment is easier than multiple credit card payments.

What happens after the promotional period ends and I haven’t paid my balance in full?

After the promotional time frame expires, remaining balance will migrate to the standard APR applicable on Selfreliance VISA® accounts.

The current APR is
, and
and Visa® Cash Back.

How much of my outstanding credit card debt can I transfer?

You can transfer up to the maximum credit limit on your Selfreliance FCU Visa credit card, minus current outstanding balance on that card. Log in to your Digital Banking to check maximum available limit on your credit card. You can increase your limit by clicking the link below or by calling us at 888.222.8571

Can balance transfers be used to pay off other Selfreliance FCU credit cards or loans?

No, balance transfers may not be used to pay other credit cards or loans issued by Selfreliance Federal Credit Union.

What happens to my credit card balance if I make purchases in addition to my transferred balance?

You have the chance to pay off the transferred balance at a lower rate, as specified in the terms of the current promotion, while interest is charged on new purchases at the standard rate stated on your Credit Card Account Opening Disclosure. If you make a payment in excess of the required minimum payment due, we will allocate the excess amount first to the balance with the highest APR and any remaining portions to the other balances in descending order based on applicable APR.

Terms and Conditions
APR- Annual Percentage Rate
Qualification is based on an assessment of individual creditworthiness and our underwriting standards. For further information, please call toll free 1.888.222.8571. All SFCU loan programs rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice. Selfreliance Federal Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender. All SFCU loan programs rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

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