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Secured Loans

Use your Share or Share Certificate Accounts as collateral to secure low interest loans.

Secured Loan Details

Auto Loans

SUAFCU has new and used auto loans with Flexible repayment terms to fit your budget and Pre-qualification for qualified buyers.

Auto Loan Details

Mortgage Loans

SUAFCU offers competitive rates on residential mortgages.

Mortgage Loan Details

Home Equity Loans

You may withdraw funds from your Home Equity Loan at any time, up to your approved limit.

Home Equity Loan Details

Real Estate Investment Loans

Commercial Loans are available at competitive rates. Each loan is individualized, depending on collateral and other variables.

Real Estate Investment Loan Details

VISA® Credit Cards

SUAFCU offers one of the best VISA® programs in the financial industry. Members can select one of five VISA® Credit Cards, with many beneficial features.

VISA® Credit Card Details

Loan Rates

SUAFCU offers competitive loan rates and terms to fit your needs

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